Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ali Baba Song - Small Heaven Orphanage

Salaam. This little video shows the children at the Small Heaven Orphanage singing their "favorite" song - Ali Baba. As it turns out, Ali Baba was also the favorite of the children I worked with years ago. It's similar to our Old McDonald song. Ali Baba has a garden and in his garden he has all sorts of animals - a dog, goat, duck, cat, all of whom say things. By the way, ducks in Dari say gheck, gheck, gheck! But finally, and the punchline of this song, the last thing he has in the garden is a rabbit, who just doesn't say anything at all!

I hope you enjoy watching this.

Thanks to Rebecca who "talked" me through how to upload a video on the blog. And many thanks (Tashakor besyar ziyad) to all of you who have sent in a donation for printing more songbooks. We're moving closer to the printing goal. All very exciting.

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