Thursday, November 12, 2009

Scenes from the Wood Bazaar

Dear All,
It's Friday here, the day of rest, so I have been working hard to figure out how to share photos from the bazaar with you. After much consternation, I think I've managed to accomplish the task!

A couple of days ago, Rauf, Meena and I headed to the nearby wood bazaar to purchase enough wood for the winter at the orphanage. Rauf got out to make the arrangements. Meena and I stayed in the car and I enjoyed photographing the local scene. As it turns out, Afghan men love to have the picture taken so I didn't feel I was intruding! The one slide of a man pushing a cart is carrying a rather large load of peanuts! He manages, as many do, to walk miles without spilling a one! As you can see, at the end of this slide show, after the photo of the truck delivering the wood into a small window which goes to the basement, there are pictures of some of the children. They were delighted we had returned and thrilled with the soccer balls and crayons we brought along.

It's quite obvious to me that these children and the Small Heaven Orphanage will hold a place dear to my heart for quite a long time.

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