Friday, November 13, 2009

The Faces of the Children

There is nothing so precious as the children in this country. They hold the hope for the future. Now that I've mastered uploading a slideshow I can actually share many more photos with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I find these children completely irresistable.

On another note, today I was reminded of how tenuous it all is here. A student from SOLA arrived this morning distraught, reporting that four men tried to kidnap his brother yesterday in his village a hour or so outside of Kabul. It was a terrifying experience and one that brings the situation here very close to home. It was Taliban related. Their strategy is to kidnap someone, ask a very high ransom, (often $100,000+) which is most often paid, and the funds support the local Taliban.

There is a great amount of conversation here about Karzai's role and what will happen next. The women I teach, in particular, greatly worry that if the United States pulls back they will be left to return to a life that is now unthinkable. It is very clear that it will be the women who will suffer, as before, the most.

Winter is coming. Snow is on the mountains, the mornings and evening temperatures drop drastically. For many here who struggle through the winter without heat, the saving grace is the warm sun the daily heats up the body and soul.

As always, thank you for your suport throughout this Afghan journey.

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